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Dead Dog Like Me

"Dead Dog Like Me captivated me so much that I finished it completely in 4-1/2 hours! Incredible work. Loved every page. Lives will be changed!" - Gary Stewart, New York Times Bestselling Author

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Megachurch pastor Nick Gregory’s life is falling apart. His wife is filing for divorce. His congregation is questioning his leadership. His faith is nearly nonexistent. It goes down hill from there. When he regains consciousness after a horrific car crash, Nick realizes he is no longer in his hometown—or even in the twenty-first century.

About Max

DSC_0258People often ask me why I write. Simply put, I have to. I’m a born storyteller and when God drops one in my spirit it just has to come out. It’s a gifting and a calling that I take seriously. Not long ago, I was listening to an incredible interview with a missionary couple to Africa. Tears streamed down my face as I listened how they had literally left everything and moved to a remote part of Africa. Story after story was told of how God miraculously used them. When the interview was over, I told God, “I want to do that! I want to be a missionary.” At that moment, totally unexpected, the Spirit of God rose up in me and said. “Never say that again! Do what I told you to do. Write books. You are a missionary and your books will go where you can never go and reach people that others can’t.” Since then, the issue has been settled for me and I have a box of letters from people all over the world who’s lives have been touched through my books—prisoners, students, people in other countries, homeless, atheists, etc…


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